Just Like the Big Girls: Skirt & Sweater Set for Your Toddler

Sweater Sets from Rosey Bear Boutique®

Sage Green and Pink Plaid Sweater Set

Skirt and sweater sets are very popular right now with our school-age little girls, just as skirt and sweater sets were very popular back in the late sixties and early seventies for schoolgirls of all ages.  Rosey Bear Boutique’s clothing and accessory lines are always modest and age-appropriate, but our clothing is also stylish.  If your little girl is lucky enough to wear a size 2T, this lovely outfit is perfection on a stick for her.  She can dress just like the big girls, and still look like the little girl she really is.

Girls worked hard on their sweater and skirt sets back in the sixties and seventies.  It was important that the sweater match the skirt, but it was equally important that the entire outfit be “right in style.”  Unfortunately, back then, these outfits were usually dry-clean only, but Rosey Bear Boutique’s sweater/skirt set is completely machine washable.  Yes, even the sweater!

Your size 2T little girl won’t be in a yearbook in this outfit, but the yearbooks will be full of girls just a little older wearing outfits much like this.  If their parents didn’t buy those outfits from Rosey Bear Boutique, chances are pretty good that after one day’s playground activity, that sweater and skirt will have to go to the dry cleaner’s.  YOUR little girl can play all day in her Rosey Bear Boutique outfit and no matter how dirty it might get, it can just be tossed in the washer at the end of a satisfying play-day.

Besides, just look at it.  Those lovely colors.  The pink rosettes, on the sweater AND on the short-sleeved top underneath it.  Look closer, and you’ll see the four pink accent buttons on the front of the elastic-back skirt.  So easy to put on and take off; your little girl will be able to dress and undress herself!

Nostalgia is here to stay, and Rosey Bear Boutique’s lovely little size 2T plaid skirt, top, and crocheted sweater set will keep your little girl nice and warm, and will also make her look like the child that she is.  This has been a VERY popular outfit; that’s why we’ve only got one size left.

Age-appropriate clothing can be beautiful and stylish, too!

P.S.  Don’t forget the tights to go with the outfit!  It’s still pretty cold outside.

P.P.S.  Did we mention that this beautiful sweater/skirt set is ON SALE?  30% off, and you won’t find an outfit of this quality for this price ($23.80) anywhere but Rosey Bear Boutique.

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