Hair Bow Buying Guide: Introduction

With so many choices out there, you may be wondering what in the world some of us are talking about when we describe our hair bows! If you normally shop only in local stores, you might have thought that there were just a couple of basic styles and colors to choose from, but let me introduce you to the world of hand-made hair bows!

First, it helps to have a basic understanding of the terminology you may encounter while shopping for girls hair bows. And one note here – we say girls hair bows, but the truth is that any hair bow can work for women if it’s the right fabric, style or color to go with the outfit you are trying to coordinate. Ladies hair bows tend to be larger and less childish, but we’ve seen grown women wear some fantastic, funky hair bows too! It just depends on your personal style and taste.

Your choices go far beyond color and style when you are shopping for a hand-made hair bow. The materials, size, style, color, mounting, profile and least of all, embellishments, combined with the hair bow artists creativity give you literally thousands of choices for your one of a kind hair bow selection. But, if you really want a unique hair bow, read through the following sections and learn what to look for when shopping for your next hair bow.

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Introduction  Profile of a Hair Bow  Choosing a Hair Bow Size  Choosing Your Mounting  Types of Ribbon  Hair Bow Styles  Topping It Off

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