What Should My Kids Wear for Easter?

Easter 2013 is almost here and some of you are already thinking, “What should my kids wear for Easter this year?” It doesn’t matter if your Easter celebration is full of tradition, a big family event or a more intimate, casual holiday. There are still decisions to be made!

As most of you already know, now is a great time to find fantastic deals on kids clothes. The holidays are over, Fall & Winter merchandise is being cleared out for the new Spring styles and local department stores have an influx of holiday returns that they are often willing to part with at significantly reduced prices. This makes now the right time for budget conscious Moms to outfit their kids for Easter at great savings. So, start looking to get that Easter dress for less!

Sailor Easter Dress for Infants

Sarah Louise Girls Sailor Dress

The first thing to think about is the type of event your family’s Easter is planned to be. For many, Easter is a time when annual family portraits are taken both with immediate family and extended family alike. Picture a formal Easter photo with all of the grandkids assembled in their Sunday best! Some of our customers not only coordinate their own kids in matching outfits, but work out a whole color/style theme for all of the cousins! I’m sure you can imagine that it takes some time to plan out the children’s Easter attire for such an event. A sailor theme is a great choice for a large group of kids. You have many choices for kids sailor outfits and they don’t have to be exactly matched to go well together.

On a smaller scale, perhaps you just want to find matching sister dresses or brother sister looks. Matching outfits are a little harder to find as sizes start to sell out, so you should start browsing your favorite boutique fashions store now to get your ideas for Easter outfits. If your Easter is a more dressy occasion, you may consider one of Rosey Bear Boutique’s boy’s suits complete with shirt and tie. Our kids’ fashion clothing is hand selected for the best quality at affordable prices.

Another consideration should be the Easter activities that are planned for the day or perhaps the whole Easter weekend. Will there be an Easter parade, an Easter egg hunt or other Easter games? If the kids will be decorating Easter eggs or doing messy Easter crafts you may want to go with more dressy casual kids clothing. Make sure the kids will be comfortable in the clothes you select and able to participate in the day’s Easter activities. Can they run and play? Will the outfit be annoying or irritating to them? For example, that gorgeous, 5 petal petticoat dress isn’t going to work if an Easter game of football is on the docket. Long, flouncy sleeves are likely to be in the way for any craft activities. However, you don’t have to forgo your dressy Easter plans altogether. Consider having a bib or big kid’s apron on hand to protect their nice clothes. Check out our DIY post here to make your own Apron Style Bib for Big Kids. You still have plenty of time!

Easter Suit for Boys

Versatile Blazer Set for Easter

Easter 2013 is March 31st. Depending on your location, the weather can be quite variable. Since you don’t want to wait until the last minute, when you will be more sure of the weather forecast for Easter weekend, you need to choose your children’s Easter outfits wisely. For the most flexibility, layered kids apparel sets are the way to go. A Spring dress with a sweater will give her the option to remove the sweater for warmer weather. Blazer sets for boys often come with both a sweater vest and tie. Remove the blazer or both the sweater and blazer when the weather warms up and he’ll be super comfy and still dressed up for the occasion.

Shoes and socks are another way to adjust your kid’s outfit for the weather. For cooler days, boys can wear dress socks and shoes with their outfit. Get his summer sandals early and if the weather is warm enough, let him wear them for the first time on Easter so they look their very best. This may be a better solution than a shorts set if the weather in your area fluctuates a great deal. If it’s too cold, you can’t really layer anything over a boy’s shorts. For girls, you have more options. You can get her sandals early too, but you can also choose girls dress socks for warmer days and tights for cooler days. Plus, girls tights come in a variety of weights, so you can choose thinner or even very warm, sweater-like tights.

A more casual day may call for a smart girls skirt set or boys short set. The advantage here can be twofold. More casual attire offers comfort for your active kids, but can be a savings as well. Just accessorize your kids casual outfits for the Easter holiday and then later in the season, they will get more wear out of them. The dressy kids accessories will last several seasons, so you won’t have to buy them again next year. Check out our Easter bonnets, petticoats, hair bows and boys ties for suits for some Easter accessory ideas!

You may also enjoy our post titled ‘Easter Dresses on a Budget’ for more money saving tips on how to keep your kids well dressed on a budget.

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