In Your Easter Bonnet, With All the Frills Upon It. . . .

Easter Bonnet, Rosey Bear Boutique

Easter Bonnet

Easter bonnets for baby and little girls are back, and we’re glad!  There’s just something about a little girl wearing a dressy dress and a bonnet that is cuter than cute.

Modern bonnets aren’t usually like the bonnets worn by pioneer girls, like Laura and Mary, for example.  Mary was a good little girl whose bonnet was always tied securely on her head.  Laura didn’t like to wear her slat bonnet because when she did, the slats cut off her peripheral vision almost completely.  Don’t worry about Rosey Bear Boutique’s Easter bonnet interfering with your little girl’s vision, though; our modern bonnet doesn’t interfere with line of sight at all.

This sweet little white bonnet comes with several different ribbon colors: white, pink, lavender, and light blue, and the bonnet is available in three sizes: small, which fits 2T-4T, medium, which fits 4-6x, and large, which fits sizes 7-14.

Rosey Bear Boutique specializes in lovely, dressy, age-appropriate clothing for both boys and girls, and most of our clothing is machine washable!

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2 Responses to In Your Easter Bonnet, With All the Frills Upon It. . . .

  1. Debbie says:

    Roseybearboutique – looking for an Easter type bonnet for a one year old in pink (ribbon)and white (hat). The Easter bonnet on your page was posted 4/11. Do you still have these in an xtra small? Thank you.

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