Puffed Sleeves Worthy of Green Gables!

with puffed sleeves!

Pink & white dressy dress with puffed sleeves

Anne Shirley had longed all her life for a dress with puffed sleeves, but no one seemed to understand how badly she needed that dress.  Her hopes rose when Marilla measured her for new clothes, but those hopes were dashed when Anne saw the dresses begin to take shape: practical, long-wearing, and plain.  Marilla was horrified at the thought of “wasting” fabric on puffed sleeves.

Matthew, being a man, didn’t really understand the importance of a pretty dress with puffed sleeves, either, but he did understand that here was a little girl who genuinely needed that pretty dress, puffed sleeves and all, and he, horrendously shy as he was, put on his coat and went to a neighbor and asked her to make that dress so Anne would have her wish, and be dressed as the other girls were dressed.

What am I talking about here?  Why, Anne of Green Gables, of course.  Specifically, that is.  Universally speaking, I’m talking about almost every little girl in the world.

This lovely pink and white dress is for a baby girl, but you might as well begin early. Oh, and just think of the beautiful picture of your daughter, in this dress, that will hang on the wall or be propped on the piano!

Rosey Bear Boutique’s pink and white baby dress is made of 100% polyester, with a 100% nylon lining, and has a pink bodice and short puffy sleeves – Anne would go in ecstasies at the sight.  The bodice is trimmed with white lace and pearl-centered pink rosettes, satin ribbons, and streamers.  The white organza overskirt is full and flowing with a fishwire hem.  The dress comes with matching white 100% nylon bloomers.

Our lovely pink and white lacy baby dress is in stock, so you’ll get it in just a few days.  It’s also ON SALE – 20% off – and is only $27.20!

What a perfect Easter dress for your baby girl!  (The dress is available in sizes 6 to 9 months.)

Don’t make your daughter wait as long as Anne Shirley had to wait, for a pretty pink and white dress with puffed sleeves.

Oh, and don’t forget the slip and shoes!

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  1. Grace says:

    Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorites and this dress in the photo is lovely.

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