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Are You a Social Media Snob?

You may be a Social Media Snob if: 1) You believe that business blogs are just full of sales pitches. 2) You shun companies not in the Social Media business because you think they want something. 3) You delete blog … Continue reading

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Unleash The Power of The Follow-Up

Let’s face it, the world is a different place these days and we can no longer count on certain opportunities to always be there or even for our “backup plans” to be feasible when we might need to fall back … Continue reading

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Where Do Small Retailers Fit in Social Media?

Are you a small retail business owner? Are you also a mom or a dad? Do you find it difficult to be accepted in social media circles as either a ‘real’ business or a ‘real’ person? We are in an … Continue reading

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How Hard Is It To Buy American?

Find out as ABC’s “World News with Diane Sawyer” launches “Made in America” Challenge. This ground breaking project by ABC News focuses on how to bring jobs back to the U.S. just by looking for and purchasing products that are … Continue reading

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Small Business Professionals: What Impression Do You Leave?

Just because a business is small doesn’t mean they are unprofessional, unstable or even a novice in their field, so don’t make these simple mistakes that give your customers the wrong impression of your business. Avoid these mistakes right from … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the Rosey Bear Boutique™ Dressy Kids Blog (as well as one of the Rosey Bear Kids and a dear friend of the family!) This blogging stuff — it’s just a fad, right? It’ll be gone before you … Continue reading

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