RoseyBow™ Hair Bows: Unique Gifts and Amazing Gift Wrap!

Let’s face it, being creative takes time and most of all, energy to fuel those creative brain cells. With today’s lifestyle, it’s getting harder and harder to get a moment to complete a thought, let alone come up with a great idea.

RoseyBow™ Hair Bow

A big RoseyBow™ hair bow makes a great package topper!

One of the challenges I always encounter is wrapping gifts. I don’t like paying a store several dollars to wrap a gift for me, especially when it’s being shipped to me (or the recipient), because it’s never anything short of ordinary. Don’t get me wrong — it’s no better when you try to purchase quality wrapping paper. The stuff is just expensive. Too expensive for something that’s going to be torn off and discarded in the blink of an eye! And if you want it to be extra special, then plan on shelling out extra cash for ribbons and bows or other adornments that will make that package picture perfect.

There are lots of neat ways to create your own, custom gift wrap at home. Many of these take some time, but can be part of the gift itself. I like these for gifts for grand-parents or special people in your kids’ lives. You can make several sheets at once and just save them for when you need them!

1) Have the kids use paint and scatter their own hand prints all over a basic piece of butcher or brown paper. You can use lots of colors for a rainbow effect or choose a nice mix based on the recipient’s favorites. This one also works with fingerprints or footprints.
2) Let the kids pick out rubber stamps or foam stampers from their collection and use paints or inks on butcher or brown paper.
3) Print out photos of the kids onto whatever paper you like and attach them to any roll paper or even tissue paper. They’ll definitely know who that gift is from! The kids can even write their names under their pictures.

Dressy Rhinestone Special Occasion Hair Bow

Special Hair Bows for Special Occasions

Another idea is to use a part of the gift as the package topper and choose a simple, solid color tissue for wrap. This is a great option when you are short on time or you aren’t looking to create a keepsake out of the paper itself. Tissue paper is very economical and comes in a large variety of colors.

One of our favorites is to add one of our unique RoseyBow™ Hair Bows to the top of a gift for a little girl. Choose a tissue color that complements the hair bow you have chosen or try basic white. This will help your RoseyBow™ topper really stand out! Attaching the hair bow is simple. You can either let the seam lay on the top of the package and clip a pinch clip style hair bow to it or you can tie a single ribbon around the package in one direction. Then, you can attach a pinch clip or a barrette style hair bow to the ribbon.

Presentation is everything and for very little cost, you get a stunning package! On top of it all, the guest of honor receives a unique hair bow that she can wear again and again. You have a unique gift, both inside and out!

Need a hair bow to match the outfit inside? Give us a call and we’ll work with you on your custom hair bow request!

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  1. Gaye Brownie says:

    This is a wonderful idea for making wrapping paper. I have never done this with my children, but they will love it! They like to put stickers on butcher paper for wrapping presents.

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