Red is for Valentine’s Day: Around Your Little Boy’s Neck

When you dress your little boy up for Valentine’s Day, why not turn his Sunday suit into a holiday suit by adding a bright red tie? Whether you choose a bow tie or a regular tie, just that dab of red will make an ordinary suit look really festive.

Rosey Bear Boutique® has two kinds of bright red tie for a boy’s holiday suit.

Red Ties for Valentine's Day at Rosey Bear Boutique®

Bright Red Adjustable Satin Tie

Our apple-red 100% polyester 9-inch satin tie – which comes in many colors, including other shades of red – is secured with a fully adjustable elastic neck band. Little boys often aren’t able to tie a “real” tie, and a clip-on tie is too easy to lose, even if you’re NOT a child, but Rosey Bear Boutique’s red tie will stay on.
Rosey Bear Boutique® has Red Ties for Valentine's Day

Red Satin Boys Bow Tie

If you prefer the look of a bow-tie on your little boy, Rosey Bear Boutique has the perfect one! Our red banded 100% polyester 4-inch bow tie – which also comes in many colors – is secured with an adjustable band that wraps around the neck. Again, no flimsy clip that might be easily broken or lost, but a secure fastening.

And after you’ve dressed your beautiful children in their Valentine’s finery, why not present them with a new Zubel for the occasion?

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