What is a Diaper Cover?

Whether you’re an expectant mother or an experienced Mom, you may have seen references to ‘Diaper Covers’ and wondered what they are. You may know them as bloomers, rhumba pants, ruffled bloomers, rubber pants and perhaps several other names as well. Diaper covers come in what seems like an endless number of styles and we’re seeing fantastic new designs all the time!

So what are diaper covers? The are basically what the name implies — covers for infant and toddler diapers. They are generally a panty style garment which is cut generously to give your baby extra room to fit over a diaper. We call this a ‘diaper allowance’. Why do you need or want a diaper cover for your baby? Diaper covers serve not only as covers for the diaper, but a diaper cover can be a great addition to baby’s ensemble. Plus, on super hot days, a diaper cover can be the entire outfit!

Diaper covers make a great baby shower gift either alone, part of a diaper cake or gift basket or added to an outfit to make a gift bundle. You can create your own “set” by selecting your favorites or sticking to a color theme by choosing the same or complimentary colors. You may even try creating a diaper cover sampler by choosing a variety of styles. This let’s Mom and baby give several styles/fabrics a try to see what works best for them. Rosey Bear Boutique also has some well coordinated diaper cover sets all ready for gift-giving!

Sarah Louise Ruffled Diaper Cover

Cover Her Backside
With Ruffles
from Sarah Louise

The debate on what diapers are best aside, you are likely to find a good use for a diaper cover at some time or another, whether your baby wears disposable or cloth diapers. Disposable diapers for baby often come with boldly colored designs or characters on them. While these are amusing for baby and may not show under many outfits, we do find that they are noticeable under some types of fabrics or styles. Though not generally emblazoned with fanciful designs, cloth diapers are now available in colors other than the old-fashioned white ones, which may not go with every baby outfit. Diaper covers are a great choice to disguise anything you don’t want to show.

Let’s face it, being held in someone’s arms is a favorite past-time for babies and toddlers. Dresses tend to ride up and being nearly at eye level to everyone, babies’ backsides are often in full view. Little ones just learning to walk spend a lot of time tipping over or completely falling down. A diaper cover in any style will keep her covered under that dress! Diaper covers range in size from newborn to infant to toddler. However, we know how much little girls love dressy underpants, so we carry diaper covers and underwear for girls all the way up to size 16! And yes, you can still get ruffles on the bum in underwear for little girls.

Colorful Ruffled Diaper Covers for Baby

Rochelle Lace Ruffled Diaper Cover

Many of today’s baby dresses come with matching bloomers, or diaper cover, included. Otherwise, you can find many beautiful styles of diaper covers to complement a lovely Easter dress or Birthday dress. A very popular style of dressy diaper cover has ruffles across the backside. They may have lace ruffles or ruffles in a fabric matching the diaper cover. There are many diaper cover styles with ruffles in a contrasting color. Ruffled diaper covers are available in very dressy styles or more casual fabrics for every day wear. Plain and simple diaper covers tend to be less expensive, so you are able to keep several on hand.

Another important function of a diaper cover is to help contain any wetness or mess. There are many kinds of waterproof diaper covers that provide an extra layer of protection against leaks. Rubber pants are still available today, being a simple cover made of a waterproof material such as vinyl or plastic, yet still quite soft for baby’s comfort. Some newer styles are constructed of fabric on the outside with a waterproof lining. Yet others are made entirely out of waterproof fabric that feels as soft as standard fabrics. You wouldn’t guess that they have the added benefit of being waterproof!

Knit Football Diaper Cover

Sports Themed Boys Diaper Cover

Overall, diaper cover fabrics vary greatly. Polyester and cotton blend fabrics and the finer batiste cloth are often found in the double seat styles. These fabrics are also used in embroidered eyelet diaper covers, whether they are all over eyelet or just have an eyelet ruffle. Knit cotton diaper covers are available in many colors and patterns as well. We have beautiful ginghams, stripes and swiss dots in our Kissy Kissy cotton knit diaper cover sets. These sets are great for new baby gifts since they come in little gift set packaging. Nylon/tricot fabrics are more sheer, adding a dressy look to the diaper covers and are usually found with lace ruffles and satin embellishments.

At this point you may be thinking that diaper covers are just for girls, but we have a large selection of diaper covers for baby boys! There are many simple styles in neutral shades and other colors that are suitable for boys. Light blue, yellow and green are some of the more traditional colors while our royal blue corduroy diaper cover introduces a new, rich color for boys. Our sports fans should check out the great sports themes of our soccer ball diaper cover, our football diaper cover and our baseball diaper cover.

Flannel Diaper Cover in Animal Print

Flannel Leopard Print
Diaper Cover for
Boys and Girls

For a little bit of fun for both girls and boys, we love our animal print diaper cover in flannel and our olive green diaper cover with a monkey face on it.

Super hot summer days can leave you out of options for dressing your baby. We call these the ‘diaper days of summer’! To keep baby cool, it’s common to put nothing more than a diaper on those little ones. This is a great time to show off those great new cloth diaper colors or you may consider a diaper cover. With today’s beautiful diaper cover designs and colors, they’re an outfit on their own! Some of the latest girls ruffled diaper covers include colors like turquoise, purple and fuchsia in addition to the more traditional colors of white, pink and ivory. Boy’s diaper cover styles are so creative and fashionable, they’re hard to resist!

Now that you’ve had a primer on diaper covers, you can shop with confidence for that new baby!

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