Soft Fluffy Half Slip is Perfect for Twirling!

Rosey Bear Boutique crinoline full half-slip

Rosey Bear Boutique's fluffy half slip

What little girl doesn’t love to twirl, and feel the soft swish of layers of fluffy petticoat around her knees?

Rosey Bear Boutique’s fluffy pageant-quality half slip is perfect for twirling! Meg Ryan herself, in “You’ve Got Mail,” couldn’t ask for a better half slip for twirling and spinning and just generally feeling all princess-like and dressy!

Our fabulous half pageant slip has 3 layers of soft fullness, each layer composed of three tiers of near equal width for graduated fullness from waist to hem.

Most slips with this much fullness are scratchy and stiff, but Rosey Bear Boutique’s fluffy half slip is made of soft 100% nylon, and feels wonderful on a little girl’s legs.

This wonderful fluffy half slip comes in sizes 2T all the way up to 16, and is rated 8.5 on the TwirlFactor® Scale!

Rosey Bear Boutique’s half pageant petticoat slip is made in the U.S. A.

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